How to make a Guest List?

gll We all have moments in life that we wish to celebrate. The happiness in our hearts becomes more profound when shared with the right people. Thus at the time of planning any event, it is important to give serious consideration to the guest list. Inviting too many people can drain you both emotionally and financially while failure to invite some may hurt them. The preparation of a guest list can be a grueling task at times. There are certain major areas that you need to focus on for the same.


The first main consideration is the venue. If you have already chosen a venue, then find out how many people it can accommodate comfortably to arrive at the number of people you should restrict yourself to. In case you have not picked a venue yet, then book a place depending on the number of people you plan to invite. The choice of venue can motivate or act as a deterrent for your guests in terms of location and accessibility


If you wish to stick to a predetermined budget, then you can decide the number of invitees based on the planned expenditure. Don’t go overboard and invite all those you know. Invite people who will truly participate in your happiness and make the day more special for you with their presence. Involve close friends and family members in the planning process to ensure you don’t miss anyone out

Comfort level

It is a happy occasion and you want all your guests to have a good time.  Invite a mix of people who can blend easily.

The guests are the life of any party and preparing a guest list is like deciding the pulse of the party. With the guest list in place you are on your way to having a great party !


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