How to make a Gmail ID?

google Having an email id is very necessary today. It helps you to communicate with your friends and acquaintances in a jiffy. It is very cheap and you can interact with any one sitting in any remote corner of the world. Since the use of internet has been increased, everyone today has an email id to use for work or business purpose. There are various sites on internet which provides you with free E mail service.


Step 1

In order to create your e mail account on Google, you will require some assistance from your friend or colleague who already has a Google account.

Step 2

Google does not have direct sign up option but people who have been offered to open an account on Google can further send invitation to their friends to open up a g mail account.

Step 3

So now once you get an invitation from your friend, you can click on the sign up option. You will be then prompted to the next page where in you will be asked some information about you which is very essential to maintain an account, like full name, age, gender and few general questions. Just fill in the information very attentively as it will thus create a profile of you.

Step 4

You will also be given an option to select your own Id which will act as address line on the internet where your friends and family can get in touch with you. Not only this but, also you will be given list of various ids’ you can choose from. Just check the availability of your Id; choose your password and a security question just in case you forget your password.

Step 5

Your id is now created and it is all set and ready to use.

Bhrat Brij

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