How to make a chocolate souffle?

souflee Chocolate is favorite among all age groups. You need not to wait for a reason to eat chocolates. I like my dessert filled with chocolates. They are rich in savor and makes me feel calm and settled. They are rich in sugar content and help you regain your mood.

They serve as best gifts among friends. We like to eat chocolates on special occasions. Chocolates are something which are always included in celebrations and treats. They are associated with happiness and success.

I will give you a tempting and mouth watering recipe to make a chocolate souffle which will tend to flatter your palate and raise your insulin levels. The recipe is very easy to make and takes just 20 minutes to prepare it.

It tastes so good that you will like to eat it again and again. You can call your friends and relatives at home for this succulent and tasty treat. I have learned this recipe from my mom and have made it so many times at home. My friends are very fond of my home made souffle and I am sure once you make it for your friends, they will be all praises for you and will visit your place again and again for this delightful treat.


1. Milk made

2. Coco powder

3. Brown granulated sugar

4. Blender

5. Crushed ice

6. Crated chocolate

7. Milk

Step 1

Open the can of milk made and pour it in a pan. Milk made is condensed milk and contains added sugar.

Step 2

Ignite the stove and warm the milk made. Add little milk in it to dilute the consistency.

Step 3

Let it simmer for 5-7 minutes on medium flame and then add 2 big spoons of coco powder in it.

Step 4

Check the taste, if required add sugar.

Step 5

Let the mixture cool down. Add crushed ice in the blender with the mixture and blend thoroughly.

Step 6

Pour it in a glass and garnish with grated chocolate. Refrigerate for 1 hour. You can even add walnuts in the blender before bleeding the entire mixture or any nuts of your choice. The soufflé is ready to eat and serve.

Bhrat Brij

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