How to make a bong at home

To enjoy herbs you don’t need to buy bongs. You can easily make one at home.



Hose or ½ inch thick pipe

Plastic bottle

Tin foil if desperate.


  1. Make a hole in lower body of the bottle per the diameter of hose or pipe.
  2. A good way to pierce the bottle is heating a screwdriver and pushing it through your bottle.
  3. Pushed 1 cm of the hose into the bottle. Let the rest protruding outside at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Fix it using some permanent plastic glue easily available in the market.
  5. This will be bring your stem to its permanent, fixed position. Thus, it is important to make the bottle airtight at this spot.
  6. Inserted some plastic sheet if there is any gaps visible here.
  7. Wrap it with a waterproof plastic tape. You can also use plaster tape here.
  8. Remove the cap of your bottle to cut a hole of the size of the hose or pipe.
  9. Insert 1cm of hose through the hole. Make it fitting also by repeating the above steps. Don’t forget to wrap plastic sheet, water proof cello-tape or plaster tape here also.
  10. Make a shotgun hole to place your fingers while herb is burning.
  11. Release the fingers as soon as the herb is burnt, this will clear the smoke chamber.
  12. You need to make another hole of around 3 quarters up the bottom stem bottle. It should be around 75mm in width.


  • Your bong is ready. Just fill it with little water that should be remain below the stem hole.
  • Now cap your bottle and put some herbs in your bowl.
  • Place the fingers on the shotgun hole.
  • Light your herbs and enjoy the inhalation from the hose.
  • To release the smoke from the chamber just remove your fingers from the shotgun hole.
  • Continue it until your herbs are exhausted.


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