How to maintain your violin

hmv All musical instruments need to be taken care of so that they have a lasting life.  Instruments like violin are fragile and need proper maintenance and handling to keep them in a safe and usable condition.

Get a good quality case for the violin.  When not in use, keep the violin inside the case.  Get a good holder or stand for the violin, so that it does not remain lying around.

Avoid keeping the violin leaning on the wall or slippery surface.  It may slip off and bang against the floor, and get damaged.  Do not keep it on the sofa or floor as people may accidentally step over it.

Before handling the violin wash your hands thoroughly and dry it.  Wipe the violin using a dry cloth.  The sweat from our body is acidic, and if it comes in contact with the violin, it can damage the varnish.  Wipe the bow after using, with dry cloth.

Do not apply too much rosin on the bow.  Rosin is also acidic and can stain the varnish.  Too much rosin applied to the bow, tends to get settled on the strings and makes it dusty.

Use good quality strings for durability and good sound.  Change the strings periodically.  Do not try to tune the violin or change the strings on your own, if you do not know the procedure.  Get it done with the help of a technical person.

Do not fiddle with the pegs or twist it unnecessarily.  Keep the violin out of reach of children as they may twist or pull it.  If pegs do not turn easily or slip off easily, show it to a professional.  Similarly, if you notice the bridge leaning, get it rectified.

Keep the violin in normal room temperature.  Avoid keeping it in place that receives direct sunlight or is very cold.  Humidity and temperature affect the violin and the strings.

Handle the violin holding the neck.

Do not force it into the case.  Be patient, and reposition it.


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