How to maintain your guitar

guitar Guitars, especially those made of wood, are fragile and need to be taken care of well so that they have a lasting life and remain in a usable condition.  Guitars are sensitive to temperature and humidity.  Do not keep them in a place where direct sunlight falls or in a room which is very cold, due to use of air conditioners. 

Apart from the body of the guitar, the strings also get affected by high temperature and humidity.  The strings tend to snap at the time of tuning due to the tension created by high level of humidity.  Be more careful while tuning the strings.

Keep the guitar in a bag or a case.  Using a case can be beneficial, as it will reduce dust from settling over the guitar.  It will also prevent damage incase the guitar falls or bangs against something.  Besides, carrying guitar in a case is more comfortable if you have to travel with it.

Clean the guitar after use using a dry cloth.  Use a guitar polishing solution to maintain it in a better condition.

Do not keep it leaning on the wall, as it may fall accidentally and get damaged.  Avoid keeping it on the ground, as people may trip on it and it may develop dent or scratches.  Get a guitar stand and place it in the stand when not in use.

Use good quality strings for durability and good sound.  Replace the strings if you find the sound has become dull or if the strings have corroded.

Keep your hands clean and dry while playing the guitar.  The sweat from our hands is acidic and can spoil the guitar.  Keep it away while you are drinking water or juice to prevent it from spilling on the guitar.  Contact with water or other solutions can cause corrosion of the strings, discolouration or swelling of the guitar.

Do not try to tune the guitar on your own or change strings if you do not know how to go about it.  Do it under the supervision of your teacher or seek help from a technician.

Play the guitar.  Do not keep it tucked away.  Not using the guitar does not mean it will remain in an excellent condition.


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