How to maintain your garden

gardenn Maintaining your garden is essential to give it a clean, neat and tidy look.  The plants and trees grow well in a well nurtured environment.  Maintaining the garden also prevents degradation of plants due to attack by pests, insects or bacteria. 

While for some, looking after the garden is a cumbersome task, for some it may be a stress buster and relaxation technique.  Gardening becomes fun if you organize yourself and have time and patience.

Use a gardening kit comprising cutters, pruning tools, digging equipments and a separate bucket for accumulating gardening waste.  As far as possible, use equipments with wooden handles so that they are comfortable to the hands.  After using the tools, wash them thoroughly to remove the dirt and mud, and dry it well before putting it back into the kit.  Also use good quality materials so that tools do not rust or wear out easily.

Use organic manures or fertilisers to cultivate.  Chemical fertilisers tend to damage the quality of the soil in the long run.  They also contaminate water.

Know the plant cycle, water requirement, climatic conditions needed for growth and work accordingly.  Get more information about the plants through internet or by consulting gardeners.

Fix a time every week when you will clean the garden.  This includes removing waste materials, discarded plastic covers, papers and other non biodegradable articles from the garden.  Also remove the dry leaves and flowers accumulated on the ground.

Undertake weeding activity so that the nutrition reaches the required plants and is not used by wild bushes or weeds.  Remember to remove the weeds from the roots.  Trim the plants and remove the dead ends.  This helps the plants to grow and also gives the garden an organized and neat look.

Use technology for water management.  Hire a landscaper to establish an irrigation system so that water usage is optimum.  Though the cost may seem high, it saves a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Employ a gardener if you fall short of time, and can not attend to the garden.


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