How to maintain your eyesight

eyesight Due to computerization of work, increasing dust and pollutants in the air, increasing level of harmful radiation reaching the earth and limited time available for relaxation, eye problems are on rise.  Eyes need more care and attention to avoid complications in the future.

For maintaining your eyesight, eat food rich in vitamin A, like papaya, fish, milk and milk products.  Food containing vitamin E, like wheat germ, peanuts, margarine, and egg yolk is also useful in prevention of cataract, as it contains properties that protect the inner eye tissue.

Green leafy vegetables and spinach, broccoli, carrot, corn, sprouted cereals and pulses are also important for eye care.

While working, sit in a well-lit place.  Adjust the lighting so that it is neither too bright nor too dim.  Similarly, adjust the light on your computer monitor so that it is not too bright to cause pain or too dull to cause strain.

Position yourself in such a way that the glare is less.  Use an anti glare screen, if needed.  You could also use glasses for protection from harmful rays emitted by the computer and to avoid direct light hitting the eyes.  Keep the monitor in such a way that it is at eye level.

Do not stare continuously at the screen.  Blink your eyes frequently or turn away from the screen for some time.  Keep the monitor off when you are not using the computer.  Maintain distance from the monitor; do not sit too close to the screen.

While stepping out in the sun, wear glasses for cooling the eyes and also for preventing dust from settling in the eye.  Use glasses with UV protection.

Do not read while travelling.  It causes strain on the eye, as it has to constantly refocus to read due to the shaky movement of vehicle.

Do not watch television for long hours.  While watching television, keep the tube light on.  Not do watch it in the dark.  Do not sit very close to it.  Maintain good distance.

Rest your eyes.  Sleep adequately.


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