How to maintain your computer at home

cleaning-comp1 Taking care of the computer at home is essential to give it a long life and avoid sudden system crashes and loss of important data.  In large organisations, computers are maintained regularly and look after by professionals.  In the absence of these facilities at home, you can take a few simple steps and maintain your computer well.

Firstly, keep your computer in an area where dust is less likely to get accumulated.  Avoid keeping it in places where direct sunrays fall.  Dust the computer with dry cloth atleast once a week.  Inspite of precautions, dust does get settled into the system, so open up the system, CPU and clean it atleast twice a year.  Seek professional assistance if you do not know to handle it yourself.  Noisy rotation of the fan can be an indication that it requires cleaning.

While using the computer, do not hit the keys or keep any key pressed for a long time.  When you take a break, switch off the monitor or your screen to prevent excessive heating.  Keep only required documents or files and delete unwanted, old files from the hard drive occasionally.

For safety purpose, keep a copy of all your files on a floppy.  Do not stuff the system with applications you do not really need.  Delete it from the hard disk and also be careful not to delete important files or codes.  Install only licensed applications.  Use anti virus software and update it when it expires.  Avoid using pirated CDs or DVDs.  Be careful while downloading data and scan all downloads for virus.  Do not open suspicious mails as they may contain virus that could corrupt your hard disk.

Use the latest software, hardware components available in the market for efficiency and high quality performance.  Select applications compatible to your model of computer.  Incase of any disruption, seek help from a knowledgeable person or professional rather than trying to rectify it yourself through trial and error method.


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