How to maintain your bike

bikee Bike is the best symbol for macho image of young generation. Bike is a craze among the young generation. It is even more desirable than a car to them. Even middle aged people also use bike for ease of manoeuverability in the city traffic. It is faster and easier to drive a motor bike during through narrow lanes or heavily loaded city traffic during rush hours. Bike is also more cost effective, because of comparatively smaller engine and lighter weight than car.

But maximum time we forget that the machine which takes me to office or college daily needs some regular maintenance. Many people do not even look at the maintenance part of a bike until it starts giving trouble. But that is really not justified for that reliable machine. There are few small tips to maintain regularly for the healthy condition of your loved machine.

Change Lubricating Oil & Oil Filter regularly

The most important point for good maintenance of your bike is replacement of Lubricating Oil and Oil Filter on regular basis. In the owner’s manual of your bike you will find the distace after which you should replace your Oil & Oil Filter. If your bike runs regularly in dusty area, replace the oil few miles before than recommended by manufacturer.

Check Tire pressure and tread condition regularly

Tire pressure is very important factor for the bike. From Milage and safety both respect tire pressure is very important. Maximum gas filling stations provide air pressure checking facility. Whenever you gor for gas refilling, check the air pressures. Also check the tread depth and condition. If you found depth is less than the recommended, replace the tire for your own safety.

Check chain slackness and oiling

Chain transmits the engine power to the wheels through gearbox. Proper tightness in the chain is absolutely necessary for maximum power transmission. Regularly check the chain slackness and get it tightened as per the instruction in owner’s manual. Oil the chain regular basis. Dry chain causes reduction in power delivery and it also causes snapping of chain.

Check Break, Break wire and clutch wire

Maintaining the break is important for your own safety. Oil the break and clutch wire regularly to avoid unnecessary trouble at road.


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