How to maintain the computer mouse

mouse2 Mouse enables faster and easier execution of functions while working on the computer.  A mouse comes in very handy, as you do not have to always rely on the keyboard to navigate.  It is a time saving and convenient device.  In addition, the scrolling facility enables us to work in an easy and fast manner.  Mouse can be maintained very well by just taking a few precautions while using it. 

Place the mouse in a smooth and clean surface.  Get a mouse pad so that the mouse is not kept on furniture that does not have a smooth and polished finishing.  Scrolling the mouse on a hard, uneven surface can slowly damage the devices that help in moving it.

Keep the mouse in a clean and dry place.  If possible, buy a cover and keep the mouse covered when not in use.  In this way, it will not get exposed to dust and dirt.

Keep your hands clean while handling a mouse.  Wash your hands thoroughly and dry it before handling the mouse.  Do not eat fries or chips, and touch the mouse without cleaning your hands.  The grease or oil gets stuck to the surface and will lead to accumulation of dirt and dust particles.  If the mouse is white, it may start showing signs of discolouration like turning yellow.

Do not play with the mouse, especially the scrolling button.  Do not keep constantly scrolling it.  It may be an unconscious activity when we are bored or restless.  Do not be impatient if the icon you click at does not respond at once.  Do not start clicking the mouse frantically if the system does not respond.  It may just be that the system needs more time to extract the data.

Clean the mouse regularly.  Refer to the manual provided at the time of installing the mouse.  Use a solution especially meant for cleaning computer devices.  Do not wash or scrub the mouse with detergents or soaps.


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