How to maintain the computer keyboard

keyboard Keyboard is an important device attached to the computer. Without the keyboard, the computer is literally of no use, as you cannot type anything, navigate or use computer programmes, additional functions or perform your day to day activities on the computer.  Taking care of the keyboard is really simple.  You just need to exercise caution while using it.

Never press the keys in the keyboard hardly.  As much as possible, buy a keyboard with smooth keys so that typing is really smooth and easy.  Do not keep buttons pressed continuously.  Do not hit the keys hardly, especially the enter key.  If you are frustrated or restless, find other ways of releasing it, rather than hitting the keys on the keyboard.  Do not bang or move your fingers across the keys carelessly, like in a piano.

Keep the keyboard in a place that is dry and free of dust.  Dust gets settled easily especially in between the keys and is difficult to remove.  Buy a transparent light cover for the keyboard, so that dust cannot enter easily and you can keep the cover on while typing.  However, if the climate gets humid and moist, check the cover for signs of moisture.  If you see drops of water, remove the cover so that water does not enter the keyboard.

Cleanliness and caution is essential while handling keyboard.  Do not touch the keys with unwashed, unclean hands.  Wash your hands thoroughly and dry it well before touching the keys.  Do not eat chips or munching items with your hands and touch the keyboard immediately.

Do not sit close to the keyboard while drinking or eating.  There is a chance of accidental spilling of water or drinks due to which the keyboard may get spoilt.  Again, if you sit near the keyboard and eat, food crumbs may fall into the keyboard and get stuck in the gaps between the keys.

Remove the dust from the keyboard by wiping it with a dry cloth or special solution meant for cleaning keyboards.


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