How to maintain personal hygiene

hygiene Hygiene and good level of sanitation is essential for preventing disease and infection.  It includes care of the body, hands, feet and oral hygiene too.

To maintain hygiene, bath twice a day.  Bath after you have come home and there is no more work to be done outside.  Use a good quality soap that removes dirt and gives a good fragrance.  You can also use anti bacterial soap to fight the unseen bacteria or germs that may have settled in the skin.  Scrub the skin well so that the dead skin is removed.

Wash your undergarments using a good detergent.  Similarly, wash your handkerchief and socks, and avoid the tendency to reuse it the next day without washing.  They absorb a lot of dirt and sweat from the skin and may contain bacteria.

Wash your hands and legs after coming home from outside.  Use a mild soap or hand wash for washing.  Remember to always wash your hands before eating, however tempted you may be to eat; or use a spoon rather than eating with your hand.

File your nails regularly, since it accumulates dirt and grime due to constant exposure to the pollutants and dust in the surroundings.  Use hand gloves while cleaning the house, sweeping or dry dusting.  Cover your nose and mouth too while cleaning dust, to avoid allergy or respiratory infections.

Maintain top quality dental care.  Brush twice a day, and rinse your mouth after eating meals or consuming sweetened drinks.  Use a herbal paste, and floss daily.

Keep your house clean.  Do away with unwanted papers, clothes and furniture.  Accumulation of these makes the house untidy and also allows the growth of spiders, termites, ants and other micro organisms.  Do not keep the eatables lying around.  Wash the dishes after eating.  If possible, do not allow it to remain in the sink overnight as it attracts roaches.

Change your bedding atleast once a week, and replace it with clean, washed ones.


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