How to maintain kitchen hygiene

kitchen Hygiene in the kitchen is the most important thing to keep your family healthy. Deadly diseases like cholera, diarrhea etc. generated from food only. So to protect your family members from all these diseases, you require maintaining certain level of hygiene in your kitchen.

Kitchen hygiene is more important when you have kid in your house. Immunity system of the kids are not very strong, they are more vulnerable to food poisoning. Also if you keep your kitchen dirty, the small child by mistake may eat some dirty material or thrown away food. This can generate food poisoning.

Wash your hand when handling food or utensils

This is the most basic but most important aspect to protect bacterial growth. While handling food or utensil you must wash your hand. After toilet, sneezing, coughing and before cooking you should wash your hand to remove the dirt and bacteria.

Cut your nails regularly

You should cut your nails regularly. The dirt under side of the nails can spoil your food.

Regularly wash the towels used in kitchen

The towels used in kitchen should be washed with soap regularly. Germs and bacteria can spread from dirty cloths.

Work in Clean and uncluttered area

Before start the cooking you should clean the area with a clean cloth or sponge. The debris of the previous meal should all be removed. All utensils should be clean and dry. Do not make the area clumsy while cooking.

Tie the long hair back

If you have long hair you should make it a practice to tie it back while cooking. If your hair is loose it can fall in food.

Remove the ornaments from your hand

Ornaments may look sparkling, but they contain several of bacteria, which can contaminate food. It is desirable to remove your ring, bracelet, watch etc. before start cooking.


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