How to maintain good relations with co-workers

grc Maintaining a good relationship with your co-workers or colleagues at the work place can make the working experience fun and enjoyable.  It makes the atmosphere warm, comfortable and jovial.  It also allows you to build meaningful and healthy relations and adds value to your life. 

If the working environment is cheerful and healthy, going to work does not become a boring and mundane thing.  You can also find a good support system at the workplace to discuss your problems or grievances, in a way that will be confidential.  Colleagues can also be helpful at times of need by sharing your work if you have a take a leave, or have excess workload.

Communication is a best way to build good relations.  Acknowledge the presence of co-workers.  Do not act as if you do not know them or do not care if they come or not.  Do not ignore or neglect them.  Have a healthy and consistent level of communication with them.

Greet them when they come in with a ‘good morning’, ‘hello, how are you’, ‘have a good day’ etc.  While going back, tell them that you are leaving or a short ‘bye’ or ‘see you tomorrow’.  Do not appear hassled and serious at all times.  Have a pleasant and cheerful nature.  Be humorous and jovial.  Lighten the atmosphere at the office so that you work as well as enjoy.

Go together for lunch or tea/coffee breaks.  Do not avoid colleagues.  If you are in a foul mood and do not feel like speaking to anyone, mention it shortly to them, and tell them you need to spend some time alone.  It is better to clear up your frame of mind, rather than withdrawing into yourself and not talking to anyone.

Have genuine concern for your colleagues.  Care about their safety and well-being.  This does not mean you have to go out of your way to help them, but sincerity and good intention is always valued.

Celebrate special occasions and make the co-workers feel valued.  Greet them on their birthdays, marriage anniversary, on festivals or a good appraisal or promotion.  Do not be competitive or jealous.  Do not gossip or spread lies about the co-workers.


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