How to maintain aquarium

aquarium Aquarium is one of the most beautiful things in interior decorating. Aquarium in any size will increase the beauty of your house. You will find aquariums not only in personal house, but also in Restaurants, Hotels, and Shopping malls etc.

Aquarium contains some lives, so it requires care. Proper care of aquarium is very important, otherwise plants and fishes may die. If the aquarium is maintained regularly, it will never create an emergency situation.

Following are the few simple things need to be done regularly to maintain the aquarium and its lives in good condition.

Daily checking

Check the condition of the fishes and plants regularly. This will give a fair idea about the behavior of the fishes and their health

Feed the fishes regularly, but with proper quantities. Too much feeding is not good for the health of the fishes. Also the food to be varied everyday.

Replacing water

10% water to be replaced with dechlorinated water, every week. It will dilute the unwanted chemicals present in the water. The whole water to be replaced with fresh water, once in every month.

Cleaning the filter

The filter elements to be cleaned once in every fortnight. The pads to be replaced on regular basis, to maintain proper functioning of the filter.

Cleaning the inside glass walls

Inside glass walls to be cleaned regularly and the algae to be scraped. This will keep the water fresh and will increase the clarity of the glasses.


Regularly check the temperature of the water. If the temperature is found low, start the heater. If you don’t have heater, put the bulb over the aquarium, this will also heat the water.

Cleaning the debris

The debris from the gravels to be siphoned once in every month.

Type of fish

Try to choose fish which are easy to maintain and hearty in their approach. Fishes like Gold fish, Mollies, Guppies, and Tetras etc. are very good for Community aquarium.


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