How to Maintain a Pool

A pool looks beautiful when built in the boundary of a home. You also have to take care of it and get seasonal maintenance done whenever you open or close it.


Empty the pool completely. Take out all the water and debris from it. Wash it and let it dry under sun properly. Vacuum clean the pool. Pay special attention to pool walls. They should be free from any algae or debris. Preferably scrub them.


If you are closing the pool, detach all the pool operating equipment. In case you are opening it uncover the openings and reattach the equipments. Clean all the drains, filters and skimmers properly to ensure healthy water supply. Check if they are working properly. If some replacement is required, get it done there and then.


Supply adequate water to the required level. Before jumping into get the following test done:



Chlorine level



While the pool is being cleaned, the process of maintenance doesn’t end here, rather it starts. Use pool chemicals to handle your water problems. The pool chemicals are effective enough to solve almost every water related problem. You have to ensure chemical treatment, handling chemicals and disposing them aptly. Any negligence in this regard may prove fatal.

Go through the chemical manuals thoroughly before handling them. Take the necessary precautions:

Store the chemicals as prescribed in the manual. Keep these products out of reach of children and pets.

Wear rubber gloves and boots for precautions. Wash your exposed skin area thoroughly after using chemicals, including: hands, face and feet.

If it causes skin irritation, seek help of physician immediately.

Dispose of all pool chemicals per health authority regulation. Even measuring instruments need to be handled carefully. Wash them thoroughly, rinse with water.

While disposing measuring instruments also follow the authority instructions.


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