How to maintain a piano

A piano steals the attraction even if placed among the elegant pieces of furniture. That’s why it not only an instrument but also an attention grabber furniture on display. If you take of it properly, it will can even long for a century.

Piano room

First and the foremost thing is the placement of the piano. This delicate instrument should not be exposed to extreme temperature change. So, avoid placing it near home entrance, window or kitchen. Also, ensure a 40-50% of humidity in the piano room for proper functioning of the soundboard and strings. High humidity may cause rust. If you can maintain the room temperature, 65 Fahrenheit is ideal for a piano room.

A piano demands timely cleaning and tuning of keys to ensure entertainment for decades to come.


A piano must be fine-tuned by a only chiseled, registered tuner, else it’s tuning can get spoilt. You must get it done at least 2-3 times a year. This will make the piano playing its sound melodious music.


Soundboard of a piano is a must to clean on regular quarterly basis. However, you may have to sweat a little to do so. You can take help of a vacuum remove dust. It has many strings and chords, so be watchful. Don’t fiddle with them else it will spoil the tuning.


Ivory keys of a piano need to be cleaned with only recommended piano cleansers. These solutions help in drying the natural oils of ivory. Thus, never use common cleaning agents for cleaning piano keys. Read the cleanser manual before using it. Use a clean cloth to clean the keys. Always pat dry keys after cleaning.


Cabinet of a piano is made from wood. To make it shine take care of it like any other piece of wooden furniture. Wipe with cloth daily. You may get it varnished once a year to maintain it beauty for long. Don’t use damp cloth to remove dirt.


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