How to Maintain a Guitar

mentguita Worried how to take care of that much-cherished guitar of yours? Let’s see if we can help you in some way. There are a few simple steps and if you follow them your guitar will remain will remain in good condition for a long time. Read on.


Yeah just like your room or your bookshelf your guitar too needs regular cleaning. It is better to use spray on a piece of cloth to start the cleaning process. While polishing the guitar it is always better to use polishes specified for this particular instrument. Use a dry cloth just to wipe the body and other parts of the guitar.

Caring for the Strings

Strings are a pretty important part of the anatomy of a guitar so you should take good care of them as well. Clean the strings everyday after you finish playing. You should also notice whether it is the right time to change your strings. Make sure that you do not spill any cleaning materials on your strings. You should also see if any bolts or screws need to be tightened.


This is another part that asks for your care. The best way to clean this part is to use lemon oil. This works wonders in case of fretboards made of rosewoods or ebony. The good thing about lemon oil is it prevents these fretboards from developing cracks.

Check Batteries

If you are using an electric guitar then it is good to take care of the batteries and see if they need changing. Make sure that they are not leaking.

Protect the Moist

Guitars need moisture. There are some substances in the market that might dry up this moisture. Avoid using these products. However, there are some electric guitars that need some fast drying substances.

Go to a Guitar Maintenance Shop

If you find the problem is more complex and needs professional handling don’t hesitate to seek one. This is advisable in case of some electrical repairs or some fillings.

In addition to following all the above-mentioned suggestions you can also read up more about this subject. There are many books available that would help you understand what is good for your guitar’s health.


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