How to maintain a good relation with your boss

grb Maintaining cordial relations with the boss helps to make the office atmosphere relaxed and comfortable.  It also allows you to discuss your grievances with the organization, suggest tips for improvement and improve your own productivity. 

A sour relationship with the boss can make the working environment tensed, unhealthy and may harm your prospects of growth in the organization.

Be particular about completing your work in the time allotted to you.  If you are unable to do so, have a strong reason so that the boss is convinced and does not develop a poor impression about you.  Be punctual and hard working.  Do not play truant or waste your time in the office by chitchatting with others and spending a lot of time in the cafeteria.

If you have been assigned a work by your boss, make it your first priority.  Do not push it to be done later or worse forget it.  Keep it ready to and present it to him/her whenever asked for.  Know what is the priority for the boss.  Act accordingly.

Have an easy and relaxed manner.  Do not appear tensed and nervous always.  Have a cheerful disposition and pleasant behaviour.  Keep the communication on.  It can be a simple sentence as ‘how are you’, ‘have a nice week end’, ‘good day’ etc.

Greet your boss while he/she comes, and talk to them or inform them when you are leaving.  Extend your greetings to them on special occasions like their birthday, marriage anniversary, or on receiving promotions etc.

Be honest and sincere.  Do not pick up fights with co-workers for petty reasons.  Do not argue with the boss unnecessarily.  If you have a difference of opinion or grievance, think if you are making a valid point, and discuss it with your boss in a calm and composed manner.  Do not display aggressive or defensive behaviour, as they may take it as lack of manners or respect.


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