How To Lure Your Ex Back

x-back Most of the times, there’s not much you can really do if you’ve had a painful breakup with your lover. Maybe you just learn how to move on. But what if you want him back? Well, no guarantees, but here are some Feng Shui tips that you can try to win back your ex lover. Come out of the depression and give it a shot!    

1. Keep the doors and windows of your home and bedroom open. If you have any squeaky doors or windows, these will obstruct the flow of romantic energy in your life and thereby put an end to your love life. To ensure a better flow of energy, keep your home clean and healthy.

2. Dump all your old love letters and anything related to past and bitter relationships. You would want your home and your present relationships to be free of all negative energy.

3. The southwest area of a house represents love. Find out the southwest area in your home. There is no problem if your kitchen or bathroom is located in that area. Now find the southwest corner of your bedroom and search for any unfavorable influences in that region. This can be a reason why your ex left you. Clean up immediately if there’s any clutter and ensure better flow of energy.

4. The best way to get back your lost love is through Mandarin ducks. Place a pair of nicely carved red jasper Mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your bedroom.

5. In case you cannot get the ducks, you can even use red cornelian or red coral stones.

6. Cleanse all negative energy from within yourself by wearing citrines, amethysts and rose quartz crystals. These stones will also attract your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Though the above tips do not guarantee that your ex will come running back into your arms, there’s no harm in trying. After all there’s nothing wrong in trying to save a relationship that you value so much!


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