How to lose weight

htl Obesity is one of the biggest concerns of developed countries like America. The government has also introduced many a health-care programmes and started awareness drives in schools and offices to make people aware of the dangers of obesity.

A sedentary lifestyle, along with excessive intake of junk food gives rise to obesity. People who are obese often complain of having an unfulfilling social and professional life because they tend to get tired easily and cannot take part in all the social functions as efficiently. They feel that others, who are only a few kilos lighter than them, can accomplish much more.

Heart diseases, respiratory problems and mild cases of depression are also associated with obesity. For these reasons, it is wise to keep a tab on your weight and maintain it so as to not cross the overweight mark. There are some simple things that can help keep you weight under a tab.

Your body is like a machine and the food you provide is just like a fuel. If you eat more than what you need, the excess will keep on getting accumulated in your body and result into flab. For these reasons, you must keep a count of the calories you consume daily.

Avoid items like potatoes, dairy-products, and deep-fried items to keep the calorie-count low. Grapefruits and celery are known to burn calories and so, including these fresh food items in your diet can help you lose your calories much faster.

Invest in a weighing scale and keep an account of your weight each day. This will keep you from binging because even 2-3 days of a binge may show immediately on the weighing scale.

Try and increase your physical activity slowly. Take the stairs instead of the lift at least once a day. If your condominium has a swimming pool, do not let go of the opportunity and go for a dip at least thrice a week, if not daily.


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