How to Look Slimmer

Did you know how and what you look depends on the way you dress up yourself? Even if you don’t have an attractive or shapely body, you can make yourself look slim, smart and fit by wearing dresses that perfectly complement your body. If you want to know how to look slimmer by putting on right clothes, then read through this article that suggests you useful measures to adopt.

1. You must opt for a monochromatic color. The mono-color technique will   help your body look long and lean. You can go for any shade that suit your skin color. Don’t be afraid of this single-tone technique. Try it. It is indeed helpful. You can also attire in black color as it gives a slim look to body.

2. You should go for cloths with proper fitting. Don’t choose a dress that has loose fit. It will give your body a heavy look than what you actually may be.

3. You should not be wearing a tight fitting cloth either. The tight fits tend to highlight the heavy parts of the body and thereby making it look bit out of shape.

4. It is always better to go for a finely tailored dress. A fine tailored dress doesn’t only enhance the beauty of your body but also helps you feel comfortable.

5. If you like striped dresses then ensure that you pick the one with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes make your body look slimmer and longer unlike the horizontal stripes that give a wider look to your body.

6. You should avoid wearing extra materials near your stomach area. Also  remember, that your pants should not have pleats or they should not have elastic or string waists as it tends to add to the volume of your waist. You need to take same thing into account while selecting a skirt.

7. You also need to be extra careful when it comes to accessories. You should avoid using broad belts that emphasize tummy area. Also, if you want to wear a necklace, ensure that it is long in shape because otherwise your double-chin will be highlighted.

Well, follow these some of the simple measures and you have all the tricks up your sleeve to look slimmer.


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