How to Look Slimmer

So what if you are a little overweight? Don’t ever feel bad about it and believe in the slogan ‘fat but fit’. Keep your confidence level high always to look better and brighter. However, there are ways to look slimmer than what you really are. Just be a little extra careful while selecting your dresses and other accessories. Just imagine the fact that you don’t have to do vigorous exercise anymore, but in stead you just have to follow some dressing tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Look at the following tips and look your best.

First of all, you must stand straight always. Keep your jaws tight and your head straight and a little slanted towards above. Your straight feature will make you look more confident, attracting people attention and respect.

Vertical stripes can do wonder in making you appear much thinner. Wear dresses that have designs with vertical stripes. It will not only make you look skinny, but also taller. And to look thinner, you must also look a little taller.

Choose the colors of your dress carefully. As you know, darker shades of colors bring a slimmer effect in you. So, try to wear dresses with darker colors. Black is not the only one color that makes you look thinner, there are other dark shades also, like navy blue, maroon, chocolate etc.

Special designs and patters can also play a crucial role in making you look skinny. Select dresses with designs that have a darker background. Some patterns are also there which doesn’t let the background out. These kinds of designs are preferable for you.

Don’t go for silky of satin fabrics. These are all shiny materials that attract much attention and focus on your overweight. Rather choose cotton and other materials that have a matte effect.


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