How to look after indoor plants

ipc Plants need a certain atmosphere for growth and development.  Sunlight, adequate water, humidity, favourable temperature and appropriate soil are essential for growth of plants.  Indoor plants need all the more care since they are not being grown in a natural and open atmosphere.

Get information about the kind of plant you have, by talking to gardeners or searching through the internet.  Gain knowledge about the temperature, water quantity, humidity and soil quality they need for growth.

Place them in a location where there is adequate sunlight.  Artificial lights may not be good for plant growth.  Place the pot in a place/room that receives plenty of natural sunlight.  Maintain the plants at normal room temperature.  You may have to adjust the room temperature and humidity levels using temperature controlling devices if the plants are exotic, and have a unique requirement.

Do not keep the plants in a room that is air conditioned.  Cold temperature can sap them of the essential moisture, dry off the leaves, reduce the moisture content in the soil, and may have a harmful impact on the plant.

Water the plants regularly.  Take special care during summer or winter season, as the soil may lose moisture due to extreme climatic conditions.  Loss of moisture will lead to shedding of leaves and may dry out the plants.  At the same time, take care to see that you do not excessively water the plants, to avoid water logging.

Do not neglect the soil quality.  Change the soil after few years or fortify it using fertilizers.  Be careful while changing the soil, so that you do not damage the roots.  Take advice of a knowledgeable person to decide the quality or brand of fertilizers you must use or alternatively, go in for organic fertilizers.

Keep the pot and the nearby areas clean.  Clear out the fallen dried out leaves, petals etc from the surface of the soil.  If you find fungus or pests in the plant, you may need to use a pesticide/insecticide treatment to protect the plant.


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