How to lessen dark circles

dark Dark circles make the eyes look droopy and tired.  It impacts the overall appearance of the face too.  Some of us may even feel uncomfortable talking to people face to face due to the prominence of the circles and may feel embarrassed about the comments of our peers or colleagues.  Besides, dark circles are also an indication that our eyes are strained and require care and attention.

There are simple home remedies you can follow to reduce dark circles.  The easiest of all is using cotton balls or cloth dipped in cold water.  Remove excess water, and place it covering your eyelid and undereye for 15-20 minutes.  It gives a refreshing and relaxed feeling and helps in reducing the prominence of dark circles.

You can also place cucumber or potato slices or moist tea bag under the eye.  Be careful to avoid contact with the eye, since it may give a burning sensation.  Tomato juice or paste of honey and milk with turmeric can also be an effective treatment.  Keep on the paste for 15-20 minutes and wash your eyes delicately with cold water.

Applying a paste of pineapple juice with turmeric or paste of almond butter with honey can also be an effective remedy.  Massage the undereye lightly and leave it on overnight.  Wash it with cold water the next day.

Alternatively, you can use an undereye concealer to hide the dark circles or apply light foundation.  Remember that the tissue under the eye is delicate and sensitive.  Therefore, do not expose it to chemicals.  Apply a moisturiser in the area before applying make up.

Understand that these are not permanent solutions.  Follow a healthy lifestyle.  Do not overexert.  Sleep atleast for 7 hours daily.  Practice yoga or meditation for reducing stress, tension and anxiety.

Eat food rich in vitamin C, A and folic acid as they are good for the skin.  Avoid salty food, products containing high level of preservatives, sugar or caffeine.


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