How to learn various Computer shortcuts?

shortcuts Computer is indispensible today to perform various tasks and calculations. You cannot feed all the information in your brain and computer acts as an easy medium to store plenty of information anytime and anywhere. Using computer is easy. You can also browse informative content on it by browsing the internet.

We live in a busy world and one must be accustomed with the various shortcuts that are used on the computer that not only helps to perform various functions easily but also helps you to save time. In this article you can learn various ways through which you can increase your speed in giving various commands to the computer.


Step 1

Today every office uses a word or excel sheet, sudden power cut can erase all your data if you do not save it. While working all you need to do is press Ctrl + S to save the work done till the moment. You can use this shortcut whenever you add anything new to your worksheet.

Step 2

Also instead of crossing all the web pages pr sheets opened on your computer you can just press Alt + F4 and it will automatically be closed.

Step 3

Copying and pasting on the clipboard might take a lot of time. You can select the content on you sheet and press Ctrl + C to copy it and Ctrl + V to paste it on the same or different sheet.

Step 4

Also you can select the content and in order to erase it or cut it you can press Ctrl + X to cut the entire selection and if you want you can paste it somewhere else.

Step 5

f you want to undo the changes you have made in your excel sheet or in your word pad then all you need to do is press Ctrl+ Z and every change you made will be deleted step wise.

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