How to know yourself

know Knowing yourself is very important is it builds your sense of identity.  It builds your individuality, concept of self and gives a certain perception of yourself that is distinct from others.  Your knowledge of yourself helps you to understand your uniqueness, and also build on it.  Understanding of self also determines your self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Consciousness and self-awareness is the first step to know yourself.  Get in touch with yourself.  Know what you like about yourself, what the good or positive qualities you have, any unique talent or skill you possess, what is the best thing you can do etc.  Also give a thought to your negative personality traits.

Know what makes you happy, what is time you are in the best of moods, what is your idea of life, happiness, enjoyment, what gives you satisfaction, what is your purpose of living etc.  You may have to dig deeper into your own self and be honest with yourself.  This is important especially while you are dealing with limitations about yourself.  Accept and acknowledge if you have characteristics like short temper, anger, jealously, feelings of low esteem or negative opinion about yourself.

It is only when you know yourself well that you can you be comfortable with your personality or make changes if necessary.  Knowing oneself also comes handy while you have to make career decisions, decisions about the kind of partner you will like to have and so on.

Sessions with psychologists can also help you to understand yourself better and clear confusion about issues you might have with yourself.  It consists of various tests and procedures, which encourage you to come in touch with your real self and introspect.  I.Q. tests and E.Q. test can also give you an understanding of your emotional strength and intelligence level.

You can get clues about yourself also by the star sign you belong to.  People with a particular star sign have certain characteristics in common.  You can browse the internet and read more about the personality traits or characteristics of the star sign you belong to.

You can also take online ‘know yourself tests’ and by answering some questions, the test will give you probable results about the kind of person you are.


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