How to Know the Roles of Vitamins for Your Kid’s Health

vitamin If you want to keep your children healthy and perfect, you can’t avoid giving them proper vitamins that play significant role for the health of your children. In order to provide your kids with a proper vitamin diet, you must know the food things in which vitamins are frequently found in good quantity. Moreover, you must know how vitamins work for perfect health! Well, here are mentioned the vitamins and their functions for our health!

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is necessary for growth and maturity of body. It is the only vitamin that repairs the injured tissues and bones and makes the skin perfect and shiny. It is enough useful for eyesight and keep your immune system in order. Vitamin A is found is milk, milk-made items including cheese, eggs and some vegetables including carrot, yams and squash.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B is also a beneficial element for perfect health. In fact, vitamin B includes many more B vitamins, such as B2, B6, and B12 as well that play drastic role for your health. Vitamin B controls the metabolism, fabrication of energy, well management for vigorous circulation and nervous system. You can add some foods, such meat, chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, beans and soybeans in your meal as these are the best sources of vitamin B.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is quite necessary for your skin and body. Its deficiency can cause of allergy and other skin diseases. Moreover, it works for the growth of muscles and connective tissues. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, lemon, strawberries, tomatoes and some green vegetables in proper measurement.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps body soak up calcium and it works for bone development and tooth formation. It is the most important vitamin that makes your bones enough strong. Vitamin D is found in cheese, yogurt, egg’s yolks and fish oil in sufficient quantity. Thus, make a chart of food items to add vitamins in proper measurement in diet of your children to make them healthy and wise!


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