How To Know Leh Ladakh As A tourist Destination

lehladakh2 If you love adventures, you can’t avoid a tour to Leh Ladakh that is known as the “Paradise on Earth” due to its outstanding natural beauty. Leh Ladakh is basically the highest plateau of Jammu and Kashmir. This place attracts the visitors for its snow capped Himalayan peaks as well as green pine trees. Leh Ladakh is situated at 3,500 m higher than sea level and it lies in the lap of Himalaya.

The tourists like to visit Leh Ladakh to enjoy its silent and natural beauty that gives peace to mind. When you reach to Leh Ladakh, you can see snow-white peaks, the green valleys, the high pointed peak cliffs, the lakes as well as glaciers. It’s a perfect tourist destination for those people who want to spend some days in the lap of nature.

Apart from the natural beauty, Leh Ladakh is also a famous Buddhist place where you can go to Hemis Monastery and Thiksey Monastery. Leh is considered as the center of Buddhist culture, folklore and education. Leh Ladakh’s green valleys are also famous for their medical properties. Moreover, if you are willing to know the lifestyles of people, you can go to many villages that will give you a glimpse of Indian ancient culture.

The inhabitants of Leh Ladakh are laborious and they really work hard for their livelihood. You can also go to Tsomoriri Lake to have an exceptional experience as you will see here various species of avi-fauna close to the lake.

Leh Ladakh is well connected by road and air ways and thus, you will face no more problems in reaching to the place. Make a tour now with your friends or families to explore fun and natural beauty of Leh Ladakh. Enjoy some days in the lap of Himalaya! Happy journey!


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