How To Know Indian Trekking Destinations

trekking Trekking is one of the most breathtaking snow sports, which offers the odds to show your physical and mental strength. India has a glut of trekking adventure destinations that are awaiting you, if you have enough zeal to face risks during trekking!

In fact, Indian Himalayan Region has been the best place for trekkers in all over the world for discovery purpose. In fact, trekking in India would let you enjoy greatly and thus, if being a trekker is your dream, visit the Indian places to make your dream alive! Some of Indian trekking places are mentioned below and you can opt for any to plan your thrilling trekking.

Indian Himalayas

Indian Himalayan range is famous worldwide as it provides the trekkers with great odds of trekking. No doubt, it is the most extravagant and inspiring mountain range in the world that attracts the trekkers to visit here. When you are on your trekking tour in India, you can see ancient temples, old Hindu custom and cultural deeds, isolated Buddhist monasteries and people who have shored up the conventional Islamic culture.


Ladakh is the most astonishing Indian trekking place that speaks the saga of the ancient Central Asian Silk Route. It is well-known as the most thrilling Himalayan range for trekking. In fact, trekking in this area is not a child’s play for everyone! However, gutsy trekkers enjoy trekking here to discover its hidden features!


Darjeeling is blessed with appealing natural beauty, dense forest and Nepalese border from where the trekker can view the glimpses of Kanchenjunga Mountain, Everest Lhotsa and Makalu as well. Trekkers would really love Darjeeling for trekking purpose!


For trekkers, Sikkim is a perfect destination to enjoy trekking the way they like! While trekking, you can also have odds to view great snow-covered Himalayan Peaks that look touching the sky. If you love to dig up nature’s secrets, Sikkim would satisfy your thirst in better way!

Some other Indian trekking places can be counted as Dodi Tal, Garhwal Trekking, Himachal-Manikaran to Spiti and Manali to Beas Kund and so on. Decide your coming trekking tour now and enjoy it!


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