How to Know if Someone is Lying

kl We humans are generally not very good at detecting if someone is lying. However, it so happens at times that we get a sneaking suspicion that the person across isn’t telling the truth.

It’s important to be able to distinguish lies from truth in everyday situations, but more importantly, to avoid being victims of deceptions, monetary frauds and scams. Here are a few telltale signs to look for in order to identify if someone is not giving it to you straight.

1.  Follow the body language for any signs that someone is lying. Look for physical clues including not looking you in the eye, fidgeting, sweating, or acting nervous.

2. Remain alert for inconsistencies or lack of detail in the person’s story. Liars often tell different stories at different times, which, in most cases lack detail. Push the person for minute details, and he/she is likely to mix up.

3. Try to make out if the person is being extremely defensive or resistant in answering questions. This could indicate that he or she is hiding the truth.

4. Liars often have a tendency of accusing the person across of lying or being deceitful instead of owning up to his/her own lies.

5. Rely on your intuitive feeling to gauge if someone is lying. But don’t make any baseless conclusions if you’re not sure.

6. A good idea can be asking the person directly whether he/she is lying. Many people might give in to such a direct confrontation.

7. For once, take an understanding approach and try to hear out the person’s reasons for lying. Make a reality check and figure out if you have a possible role in his/her lying to you. Does your attitude make others angry and upset or prevent them from being honest with you?

These are just a few of the ways to detect when one is lying.


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