How to keep your washroom clean

washroom Washrooms tend to get dirty or soiled due to the nature of activities done there.  While the washroom helps to keep ourselves clean, cleanliness of washroom is also of prime importance.  An unclean washroom can cause a foul odour to emanate and can attract spiders, fleas, mosquitoes and cockroaches.

After using the bathroom, for washing or cleaning purpose, clean it lightly so that the dirt from the clothes or your body does not remain there.  Splash water on the floor and adjoining walls.  Do not leave soap covers, tickets stubs removed from the trousers, chocolate wrappers or empty shampoo bottles in the bathroom.  After using a sachet of shampoo or conditioner, throw away the cover in the bin.

Do not drain paper or napkin in the let out pipe.  Do not drain it into the toilet pot too.  It can cause clogging of the pipe and lead to stagnation of water.  Similarly, after a hair bath do not let fallen hair remain in the bathroom.  It may be quiet ugly for the next person or yourself to see it lying around, the next time you get in.

Scrub the floor with a good detergent or washing solution atleast every week, so that it appears neat, tidy and shining.  Also, if your feet or hands have become muddy by playing, wash the bathroom also after washing yourself, or else the mud tends to stay in corners.

Clean the toilet bowl atleast twice a week using a good disinfectant.  Also, clean the washbasin regularly.

Do not keep damp clothes hanging in the bathroom.  It gives a peculiar smell of dampness and can lead to formation of mould or fungus.  The walls could also lose their cover of paint by frequent contact with water.  Do not keep the washroom locked whole day.  Keep it open for some time so that the floor gets dried and there is circulation of fresh air.


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