How to Keep Your Toilet Clean

ktc We are always busy keeping our rooms clean and properly organized. However, sometime we neglect the toilet. This is very much wrong way to treat our home. The toilet is the place which should be taken best care of to maintain the good hygiene of your entire family.

The bathroom should be always cleaned and fresh. How does it feel when you go to somebody’s toilet and can’t even breathe properly? It is just like a nightmare. So, take care of your own toilet and make it a sober and fresh place that is hygienic from all angles. Here are some useful tips on how to keep your toilet fresh and clean. Check out the tips below and start working on it today itself.

1. When you take bath in your bathroom, try to wash the floor everyday. See whether the soap dusts are there on the floor or not. Clean the floor so that nobody slips on the slippery floor.

2. Clean the toilet and latrine area at least once in a week so that it remains hygienic and fresh all the time. When you see your toilet properly cleaned it really feels good.

3. Try to use light acids and bleaching powders sometimes to clean the floor of the bathroom. Spread the acid and leave it for not more than 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. Use a duster to scrub the floor as it helps to clean the floor properly.

4. The tiles on the walls of your toilet need also be cleaned at least once in a month. You can use liquid soap for washing the tiles.

5. Always use a perfume especially made for toiler usage. Or you can also go for other toilet fresheners. It will fill your toilet with a nice smell allover. When you enter the bathroom, you will feel much fresher and also comfortable.


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