How to keep your teeth shiny and clean?

wth Everyone loves to have shiny and sparkling teeth. It add to your personality and the person standing in front of you also fells happy to see you smile with those stain free and pearl like teeth. It is very important to keep your teeth in right shape so that you can keep them for long and do not suffer from tooth decay and other problems.

If you do not want to use artificial teeth or are not interested in making several awkward and painful visits to the dentist then it is important that you keep your teeth clean and healthy. In this article you will learn several ways in which you can keep your teeth healthy and shiny white.


Step 1

The best way to avoid all the trouble is to clean your teeth regularly. While brushing your teeth makes sure you brush entire areas properly; leaving no teeth and gums.

Step 2

You minimum brush time must be at least 8 – 10 minutes if you want to have healthy and stain free teethes. Second thing you must focus on is your regular visit to your dentist.

Step 3

A regular check up with your dentist will help you maintain the right color and shape of your teeth. Use the right toothpaste and the right brush for your teeth. Having a check up from a dentist will make sure that you are not attacked by any problem associated with teeth and will keep your teeth strong and white.

Step 4

Also change your toothpaste every three months and try a new flavor but make sure the toothpaste is certified by the dental association of your country. Also you can choose among the various medicated tooth pastes available in the market nowadays.  The tooth brush you use must not be extra hard otherwise it may cause bleeding of your gums.

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