How to Keep your Nails Clean and Shiny

bn Your nails reflect your health. Healthy nails are strong and hard. On the other hand, fragile nails reflect weal health. Nails are also a part that enhances your beauty. So, you must take  care of your nails and treat them properly to retain the shine and glow of your nails.

Nails should also be kept clean as you eat with your hands and the dirt inside your nails get into your stomach affecting your health. So, clean and shiny nails are a must as it reflects hygiene and good health. Here are some useful tips on how to keep your nails clean and shiny. Check out the guidelines and you will certainly get benefited.

1.    Lemon juice is very good for nails. You can rub lemon on your nails for sometime. Or you can dip a cotton ball in the lemon juice and rub your nails. See your nails glow in few days.

2.    Keep your nails shaped all the time. It will help you to keep them clean and they will also look good. Always use a flier to shape your nails and also spend some time to clean them at least once in a week.

3.    You can also keep your nails dipped in rose water for sometime everyday to bring the natural glow in your nails. Rosewater helps you retain the glow of your nails.

4.    Use a nail polish remover while removing the nail polish and never scratch your nails to remove them as it could harm the skin of your nails and snatch the glow.

5.    Whenever you involve in activities like gardening, digging the soil or applying henna on your hair, you have to wear gloves in both hands. Gloves will protect your hands and nails from the dirt. Gloves made of plastic or rubbers are easily available in the market.


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