How to Keep Your Mobile Safe

mbl Mobile phones have become an indispensable gadget in today’s life. People cannot imagine their life without a mobile phone. Life without mobile phone will become really dull as you won’t be able to communicate with people living far.

Mobile not only gives you the facility to talk to your near and dear ones, but it also has the facilities of listening to music, playing games and taking snaps with the inbuilt camera. However, you must take care of this multi purpose gadget and keep it safe. Here are some useful tips on how to keep your mobile safe. Check out the guide lines and protect your mobile phone.

1. Always keep the mobile inside your bag or in your hand so that you remain alert about it. Be conscious about it and never forget it in public transports. Mobile is a small thing, so can be easily lost. So, you have to be careful.

2. Never let the mobile fall down from your hand. Repeated falling from a high can be fatal for the mobile. After all it is an electronic gadget and it can break too.

3. Always keep the mobile phone covered. Various kinds of mobile covers are available in the market. Select right size and shape for your mobile and keep it covered. It will protect the mobile set from external problems. It will save your mobile if fallen on the floor.

3. Don’t drop your mobile phone ever in the water. Water is very bad for any mobile handset. The water spreads into the gadget and makes it damp entirely. So, be very careful while it raining. Protect your mobile from rain and other sources of water. If accidentally it falls in the water you have to soak the water with tissue paper and keep it in the scorching sun.


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