How to Keep Your Mobile Bill Low

mob In today’s life, people are so busy that they don’t even have time to visit their relatives’ places. All the communications are made by mobile phones these days.

Whatever may be the distance between two people (including neighbors), a little good morning wish is also conveyed through the mobile phone. So, it is very natural that the bill of your mobile phone would go higher and higher. However, sometimes it becomes really difficult to control the mobile bills.

People forget about the huge bill coming his way while talking to someone over phone. But this should be controlled and wastage of money should not be encouraged. Here are some useful tips on how to keep your mobile bill in control. Check out the suggestions and get benefitted.

1. Always be conscious about your mobile bill. When you are conscious you will automatically reduce unnecessary calls from your mobile phone. We always tend to make various unnecessary calls from our mobiles. This is not right. You should save your money for the more important and vital phone calls.

2. Try to communicate with your friends and family through SMS (Short Message Services). Through SMS you can write down your thoughts and it also takes less money to communicate. SO, SMS is sometimes better than calling someone.

SMS is cheaper than phone calls. Besides, when you call somebody, it takes longer because you involve in other talks too. So it better use the SMS services. Sometimes use the facility of missed call too if the need is not yours. The person on the other side will surely call you back.

3. Besides using your mobile as a medium of communication, sometimes use it as an instrument of music too. Listen to your favorite songs on the mobile and sometimes you can also play different types of games available in your mobile hand set.


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