How to keep your kitchen clean

kitchen Cleanliness of the kitchen is essential, since we clean vegetables, cut them and cook food in the kitchen.  If the kitchen is not kept clean, it gets infested by bacteria, ants, other crawling insects and roaches.  Kitchen also houses the refrigerator and is frequently visited by children and others.  A clean kitchen can prevent allergies or bacterial infections too.

Make kitchen cleaning a daily activity.  Keep a mopping cloth, sponge and a liquid cleaning solution at a place.  After using the kitchen for cutting vegetables or making food, wipe the stove, the kitchen slab and the floor with the wet cloth.  Not cleaning it will invite ants or other insects to feed on it.

Cover all items that you keep in the kitchen so that mosquitoes and fleas do not get attracted to it.  After taking eatables from the refrigerator or from packets of biscuits, munching snacks etc, check if crumbs of foodstuff have fallen off while being put into the plate.  Sweep it and wipe it immediately with wet cloth.

Similarly, if you keep a bottle of soft drink or cups of desert or cooking oil in the kitchen slab, check if there is a ring like liquid sticking on the place where you had kept these items, and wash it off.

Pay special attention to the kitchen sink.  Do not let utensils pile up there.  Avoid keeping used plates, utensils on the sink for long hours or overnight.  While you put the utensils for washing, dab them slightly in water so that a lot of grease and foodstuff is drained off.  After washing the utensils, remove the food particles stuck between the holes or gaps, and clean the sink with soap water.  If possible, also clean it once using a disinfectant.

Sweep and wipe the kitchen slab and floor atleast once a day.

Do not enter the kitchen wearing shoes.  Do not touch eatables, utensils or the refrigerator with dirty, unclean hands.


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