How to keep your house clean

cln To keep your house clean, clean it regularly.  Houses accumulate dust constantly due to pollution, breeze, movement of vehicles, construction activity etc.  If they are not cleaned regularly, the house does not give a neat and tidy appearance.  Cobwebs start developing and insects, pests, bacteria and rodents start breeding.   

Sweep the floors and wipe it everyday.  Add few drops of liquid disinfectant solution before wiping.  Dust your house weekly.  Use vacuum cleaners to remove the dust from corners that are normally not accessible.  Vacuum clean the corners of walls, rugs and sofa covers to remove the pollens or fibres not easily visible to the naked eye.

Though house cleaning may seem a tiresome or boring job, it can be much simpler if you stay organized.  Put things back in the same place from where you remove them.  Do this on a daily basis so that you do not have loads of stuff around the house and too much cleaning to do in one go.

Avoiding stocking unnecessary papers, bottles, plastic bags or old clothes.  Keep the furniture minimum.  Beware of the tendency to stock these items thinking that it may come handy one day.

Replace worn out sheets, curtains, bedding, covers on sofa sets and tables.  It gives a neat and tidy appearance to the house.  Wash pillow covers and sheets atleast once a week since they tend to accumulate dirt and grime.

If you stay in a heavy traffic area, keep the windows closed during the day and open them at night or early morning.  Use curtains and rugs of washable material so that maintaining them is not difficult.

Get a pest control treatment done every year.  Keep the toilet and kitchen area clean.  Use disinfectant or anti bacterial solutions to clean them.

If possible keep the pots and plants out of the house, since the area tends to get muddy and acquires a distinct colour from the rest of the room.

Employ a maid for assistance if you do not have the time to manage it on your own.


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