How to keep your fridge odor-free

fridge With hectic working hours, many don’t have the time to cook fresh meals each single day. Most working professionals tend to cook various items in enough quantity so as to last at least 2-3 days to save time and effort.

However, it frequently happens that the refrigerator starts piling up with different leftover food items and soon, the fridge starts smelling.Unable to dispose off these items on time, we often use the fridge as a storehouse. Here’s how you can keep your fridge clean and odor-free.

Cover the vessels: Remember, whatever latest technology your refrigerator boasts of, foods will leave their peculiar smell by the virtue of their very nature. And so, when garlic pasta is stored uncovered side by side with oat porridge, the fridge is bound to start smelling strange. You must cover all the bowls with a glass plate and this will help minimize the different food smells from inter-mixing.

Transfer in a smaller vessel:
One reason why refrigerators tend to become messy is overcrowding. Always transfer a food item into a smaller vessel before storing. This way, you will have more space and can organize the self better.

Stack in an organized manner: Mark each compartment for each particular item. Milk products tend to spoil faster, and so, keep these on the top most shelf of the refrigerator. Keep cooked foods together on the middle or the bottom self. Use the chiller tray to store dry fruits, spices or flours.

Clean regularly: You must clean the entire fridge once in a while. Remove all the items in the refrigerator and clean using a mild soap spray. Wipe hard. Dissolve a spoonful of soda-bicarbonate in a cup of water and finally wipe the fridge clean with this mix. Leave the doors open to air it and re-stack after half an hour.


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