How to Keep Your Desk Clean

cleandesk If you want to get rid of unessential articles and paper from your desk then you should take a little pain to keep it free from clutter. If you want to learn how to keep your desk clean then read on. If you look at your desk you will find many things that you never use. Throw them away and buy a new pencil holder, a notepad, a file holder, and other necessary articles for your desk.

Organize and Sort Out

Go through all the papers and other items on your desk. Keep only those things that you need. Organize and sort out your important files into separate folders. Make sure that you label the folders. You should place the folders in a vertical file sorter. You can buy one if you don’t have a file sorter. If you don’t use some files regularly then you should keep them in the file cabinet.

Arrange Items in Order

Each item should have its right place on the desk. You should have one drawer where you can keep the office supplies. Arrange your new pencil holder on your desk and fill it with some pens and new pencils. If you place a telephone on the desk, then you should keep a clean notepad beside it.

Clean the Desk

You should not put certain things on your desk. Don’t leave CD-ROMs and computer disks on your desk. Store them in a separate holder. Do you like to glance at photographs of your family? If your answer is a yes then you should hang photo frames on the wall of your room. Spare your desk because it needs a lot of space, where you can work. Make sure that your desk has a lot of empty space. This will give it a neat look and it will also be easy for you to get rid of the dust.


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