How to keep your Computer System free from virus?

dcm Today everybody owns a computer and there is hardly any field where it is not required.  Most of us depend upon computers and laptops to carry out our daily business and store important data in it so that it can be used in future. 

As all our data and records are stored in the computer so it is very important that we keep various viruses and malware away from it to ensure our important data is not deleted or harmed in any way.
In this article you will learn how you can install an antivirus in your computer and keep it away from the risk of virus


Step one

The most frequent entry of virus can be made through the use of Internet.  We utilize Internet to perform various tasks related to our work and to connect with people and friends living away from us.  It is practically not possible to perform our business activities without using Internet.  But still we can protect our computer by installing an antivirus and it.

Step two

There are plenty of antiviruses available in the market.  It is mandatory that you try the trial offer of the antivirus provided by the company on your computer to find out how it works and check its effectiveness towards the entry of virus.

Step three

You can download the trial version of the antivirus from your computer very easily and you do not have to pay even a single cent for it.  Once you download it, you will have to install it in your computer and run a complete scan on entire data stored in your computer.

Step four

If the antivirus that you have installed is effective in killing and deleting the infected files from your computer then you can make an impression that it is a nice antivirus.  Also, find out if processing speed of your computer increases after running the scan on it.

When you are fully satisfied you can purchase the complete version from the Internet and register for a license key to use it legally on your computer.

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