How to keep your child’s school bag clean

sbg School bags may get soiled and dirty easily, as they are not handled very cautious all the time.  Kids may keep their bag on the floor or dirty surface without realizing that the surface of the bag may catch all the dirt. 

Kids also stuff unwanted papers, chips/biscuit packets, chocolate wrappers etc in the bag.  Sometimes, the food crumbs or remains after sharpening the pencil are also found in school bags.

Kids need to be taught the importance of keeping the bag neat and clean.  Tell them that it will prevent infestation by bacteria, insects, ants or even roaches.  Cleaning the bag atleast once a week, or if the child is very particular about cleanliness, cleaning the bag once a month will help.

Empty all the contents of the bag.  Dust the books, compass box etc.  Clean the compass box so that flakes of pencil wood, dirt of the rubber etc is removed out.  Discard unwanted papers, bus/train tickets, wrappers etc.

As much a possible, buy bags that are of washable material so easy maintenance and thorough cleaning is possible.  Wipe the bag with water mixed with few drops of soap solution or anti bacterial solution.  You can also use a detergent with good fragrance and lather for washing.

Scrub the outside, and if possible, the inside of the bag.  Keep it on for some time.  Let the detergent work and let the lather accumulate the dirt in the bag.  Then rinse the bag thoroughly with fresh water.

Keep the bag for drying.  Only after the bag is completely dried, put back things into it.

Talk to your child about the practice of stuffing useless papers or sticky wrappers in the bag.  Encourage them to use bins rather than making their bag a dumping ground.  Give them an additional plastic bag to carry so that they can put the wastes into it.  Remind them to discard the plastic bag everyday after returning back.


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