How to keep your bedroom clean

bedroom Make cleanliness a habit.  Set aside a day for the cleaning activities.  A Sunday would be an ideal day for cleaning, as there is leisure of time, and we are not in the hustle and bustle for running to work/school and catching up on other commitments.  Bedroom cleaning can actually be a stress relieving and relaxing activity, if you plan it out in advance (i.e. the day or time of cleaning).

You can clean the room whenever you feel bored and do not feel like going out either.  You can put on some music and carry on with your cleaning work.  Keep a dry cloth, a bucket of water with liquid disinfectant and a wastebasket handy.

Remove the dust from the tables, cupboards, your personal computer, radio system and shelf.  Then wipe the furniture smoothly with the wet cloth after dipping it in the solution and squeezing out excessive water.

Reorganize your shelf loaded.  Remove all stubs of tickets, plastic covers, chocolate wrappers, coupons etc and put it in the proper place if you have to preserve it or discard it in the bin.

Rearrange the bookshelf as per the priority of books.  Put the used books or books read already down so that while scanning for books you need, you will not have to take too much of effort.

Dedicate some time in cleaning your wardrobe too.  Sort out clothes that need ironing or laundry wash.  Arrange the clothes in the order you will wear it during the week so that you will not pull out clothes in a haste and disturb other clothes too.  This will also reduce the risk of wasting time in hunting the matching pair of trouser or blouse in the morning.

Sweep the room thoroughly and wipe it with the disinfectant.  Also, check out the corner of the walls for cobwebs and remove them using a vacuum cleaner or broom.


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