How to keep the kitchen free of roaches

kfr Roaches disgust many a homemakers. They are a menace and spoil the ambience of a kitchen. A kitchen should be sparkling clean, not just on the exterior, but also be just as hygienic. It is not sufficient to have a clean appearance at the outside and have stacks that are disarrayed, dusty and full of clutter.

Cockroaches thrive on a humid, dark atmosphere and are quick to made their abode in any kind of clutter. To get rid of roaches, you must make sure that your tins and cans are not overcrowded on a shelf or lying still at one place for long periods of time.

Regularly remove the tins and clean the shelf. Corners are the best hideouts of most insects, and roaches will also gather in any corner that lies untended for long.

To get rid of these menacing insects, first remove all the unnecessary items that crowd your kitchen. Then, wipe clean the shelves, the kitchen platform and the interiors of the kitchen storage cabinet with a mild soap spray. Leave it open to air for a while.

After this, spray any of the cockroach killing sprays that are available in the market. Leave the kitchen like this for some hours. Spray some water and wipe clean. Then repeat the process with mild soap spray. Remain open to air.

When using cockroach killing sprays, do not keep any food items near by. Remove all edible items well away. Also, do not let children and pets come in the vicinity when you are using the spray. It is harmful if breathed in, even for humans. So, use it wisely and leave enough time to air. Always wipe with a cloth using mild soap afterwards.

To prevent cockroaches from multiplying, do not keep waste accumulated for long. Dispose of the waste regularly. Also dispose off any left over food items well in time. Ensure that the rubber fitting lining the refrigerator door is in good condition. Many a times, the insects will even sneak in through lose-fitting rubber linings of the fridge.


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