How to Keep the Flowers Fresh

kff5 Flowers are the natural decor of this world. A bunch of fresh colorful flowers is always the best gift at any occasion. The beauty of flowers is incomparable.

People also decorate their home with fresh flowers. The smell of the flowers itself makes the entire environment more attractive and lively. However, keeping those flowers fresh for a long time is not a very easy job. You must know some special tricks for that.

Otherwise the flowers tend to droop after a certain time because of less water consumption and may be less amount of sunrays. Here are some very useful tips on how to keep the flowers fresh and how take care of them at your home. Check out the guidelines and your flowers will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

1. While putting the flowers in a vase, you should cut out the extra leaves and branches. Also cut the stems at bottom in an angular way so that the stems can absorb more water from the vase and remain fresh for a long time.

2. Choose the right vase for the flowers. If there are many flower sticks, you should select a vase with wider mouth and bigger space so that all the flowers are placed properly in the vase without being crowded. It will also help them the required amount of water.

3. Put the flower vases in such a place at your home that the flowers can receive enough sun rays and oxygen. Both are required to keep those flowers fresh. You can place them beside a window or at least in a room that has a window.

4. Another very popular way to keep flowers fresh is to add a little vinegar (few drops) and a pinch of salt in the water of the flower vase. This water will help the flowers to remain fresh for long time.


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