How to Keep Roses Fresh

rosse A bunch of fresh red roses is like a bunch of happiness. When somebody presents you this beautiful gift, your heart becomes refreshed and delighted. Roses are a thing of joy and beauty, in spite of the thorns that accompany them.

However, keeping those roses fresh for a long time is not an easy job. If don’t take proper care of the roses and follow certain necessary steps, they won’t stay fresh for a long time. Here are some useful tips on how to keep the roses fresh. These guidelines will surely help you. Check out the tips and keep the fresh flowers fresh as long as possible.

1. Keep the flowers in a vase and fill the vase with warm water. The temperature of the water should not be very cold as warm water is absorbed more easily and it keeps the flowers fresh.

2. While putting the bunch of flowers into the vase, you have to cut off the extra leaves and foliage that are down the water level. These leaves generally rot very fast and spoil the water.

3. Try to keep the flowers in a cool place. It is best if you can keep them in the refrigerator as cold environment keeps roses fresh for a long time. If it is not possible, keep the flowers in a cool and dry place. Also keep them in the shades and not in the direct sunlight.

4. Cut the stems in an angular shape so that the stems can absorb more water and remain fresh for a longer period. If you cut the edges of the stems in angular shapes, the surface becomes bigger, and they can absorb more water.

5. This is not for on day. Rather you have to change the water in the vase regularly and also cut the stems everyday.


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