How to keep my car in good shape for the regular service?

carshape Regular servicing keeps your car in good shape and condition.  It is necessary that you to keep your car clean and tidy.  You do not have to take much pain in keeping your car in good shape for you need to do is take a proper care off minor defects so that they don’t become a serious trouble.  In this article I will give you few steps that have help you to keep your car in good condition.  

Step one

To get your car washed once a week so that you can maintain it from inside.  Also gets a regular check to keep the engine working properly.  If possible wax it from time to time to maintain its shine and sparkle.

Step two

Most of the car company provides free car servicing for the first two years.  I have a friend who had recently bought a new car but did not take good care of it do to this reason for his car is not maintained properly.  It is necessity that you pay attention towards your car and its maintenance from the very first day you purchase it to otherwise you may have to pay heavy charges in trying to get it repaired from a local mechanic.  You can learn few basics and start maintaining from them.

You must wash your car regularly so as to keep it clean and also try to get waxed the once in a blue to maintain its shine and sparkle.  If you wish to keep your car for long and wanted to keep on working for you by delivering you the same performance it used to deliver then you newly bought it, then you must start taking care of your car from the very first day off its purchase.

Also try to clean the engine every fortnight so that grease and oil does not make your car engine.  If you will keep the your car engine clean then less amount of dirt and dust will

Enter it.  If you follow the following tips you can probably keep your car maintained and run it for a longer time in the same condition as it is today.

Bhrat Brij

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