How to keep kids safe while babysitting

bbs Babysitting can be a good employment option for people who love kids and are looking for an option for working from home. 

Safety of kids at the babysitting center is of important consideration.  The responsibility of keeping the babies safe is that of the babysitter.  It needs a lot of alertness, patience and interest.

Keep your doors locked when the babies are inside, so that they do not slip away outside.  Do not get preoccupied in your own thoughts.  Keep an eye on the kids.  Do not let them out of your site.

If you sense that the room is exceptionally silent, check on what is happening.  Even when the kids are asleep, peek into their rooms to see if every kid is there and no one has slipped away without your notice.

Be adequately rested before you start work, so that you will have an alert mind and active body.  Do not sleep off or sit in a room away from the kids.  If you need to take a break, you may ask another person in the house or an older, responsible kid to watch.

Keep stools, tables, chairs etc away from the windows.  You may keep the windows open for ventilation and fresh air; however, install a grill so that children will not try to sneak out though windows.  By keeping chairs, stools away from the window, you will prevent children from climbing over, peeking out dangerously and falling down.

Keep the house well lit.  Do not let the children loiter around the passage or other dimly lit narrow places.  Be alert if kids go to the bathroom and do not return shortly.  See to it that the kids cannot lock themselves in a room.

Avoid keeping heavy, pointed objects near/in the kids’ room.  Do not keep table fans or other electrically operated devices at a low, reachable level for the kids.  Avoid taking them into the kitchen and garage area, so that they do not hurt themselves with sharp objects.

Keep the contact numbers of parents handy.

Keep your house neat and clean to prevent infestation by insects and bacteria.


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